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Filter keyword list as you type in the keyword search box

When Typing a keyword (for example, “Sky”) into the search box at the bottom of the keyword panel (using "contains" as a search parameter), there are probably more than 1 keywords that contain that text string, but the entire list still displays; so if you have a long list, often times the highlighted items are far away from each other in the list and they won’t show up in the panel together. Example: I have several pre-defined keywords in the list... all containing the string “Sky". But I am searching for just "Sky" so I can apply it to a single photo so I type in the letters s, k, y, and the highlighted keyword then jumps to "skydiving". This is great when I want to quickly apply "Skydiving", but useless when I want to apply only the keyword "Sky".
A much better way to handle this is to dynamically filter the list to only the keywords that contain the string, so they are all there grouped right in front of you. In this way, typing "sky" would immediately filter the list to only the items that contain that string, something like:

__Top of Panel
☐ Skydiving
☐ Skylight
☐ Skyline
☐ Sky
__Bottom of Panel

It would be so much faster to quickly select the keyword you want if the search behaved like this. As soon as you apply the keyword, the search box should clear and the entire keyword list can now display in its entirety.

Extensis Portfolio works like this and it is a great timesaver. We are trying to use Bridge in our photo ingestion workflow but this is a “pain point”.

John Manning

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