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Allow "Edit Capture Time" to Also Modify .TIFF files for Those Who Scan and Archive Old Photos!

Your new "Edit Capture Time" feature is great! But, strangely it only seems to work with .JPG and RAW photos — which in most cases when we have the settings set correctly, already have the correct time and date embedded for us via our digital cameras

When we REALLY need to be able to edit the Capture Time and Date the most is when we scan photos with our flatbed scanners, and the date and time for the photo is set by our scanning software to be the date and time we scanned the photo, not of course, when we took the photo.

So, -100%- of scanned photos need to be manually modified to include the correct "Shoot Date" in this metadata.

Every time I go to edit a .TIFF file's "Capture Time" in your latest version (Bridge CC 2019), the "Edit Capture Time" is grayed out and I can't select it.

It would REALLY be helpful to be able to edit the capture time and date of ALL of my scanned photos.

Can you please revise Bridge CC 2019 so that you can -also- modify the very popular file format .TIFF.

Thank you kindly!

(See my support forum thread here:

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  • Judith Sullivan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am archiving my grandfather's photos and saving them in tiff format and it would be very helpful to put in the correct date rather than the scanned date.

    Thank you.

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