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  1. Reduce space wasting in Bridge 2019 UI

    Since Bridge 2019, the whole UI is "larger" and needs more space. There is more space between the items in the folder list, the keyword list, and the favorites items. Thus, only half of the list fits to the same space as before.
    Also the space between thumbnails in the grid view was enlarged.

    Please enable an option as für the "Text Size" that let the user bring up more content in a compacter manner.

    41 votes

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    Dear Bridge users,

    As one of the top voted features, this is actively under development. We plan to provide option to hide the tiles so that you can see larger thumbnails and zoom out if you need to see more assets in Content View. While 9.1 (released) has some improvements, the upcoming Bridge release this year end will have significant improvements in this area. As far as the folder view and Keywords is concerned, we hope to address that next year.

    Meanwhile, some of you may benefit from the existing “View Menu→Show Thumbnails Only” to see more assets in Content View.

    Thank you for your vote.

    Teja Vepakomma
    Senior Product Manager,
    Adobe Bridge

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